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WP Smush Plugin: Improve the loading time of your blog's images

WP Smush Plugin: Improve the loading time of your blog's images

Hello, If you have been blogging for some time or have been running a website then you will be aware that a factor of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also a loading time of your blog or website. If you did not know then it would have been known now.

WP Smush Plugin: Improve the loading time of your blog's images

WP Smush Plugin: Improve the loading time of your blog's images

Now depends on your blog or website's loading time and more. Now what are these things?

Your blog's platform, blog theme, blog's navigation system, content size, content that has been added with content, including images and videos, and some other important factors, your web hosting, your domain name registrar etc.

But one of these is the most important factor media content, i.e. images used in the blog post or page. We all know that images take much more time than the content to load, because the size of the images is bigger and if the same images are in high definition, it takes only a long time to load each image. But even if we do not keep these images with our content then it will also have a negative impact on SEO.

So what is the solution now? There should be such a solution that we can maintain the quality of our images and also reduce their loading time. Can this be done?

Yes, absolutely If you are the owner of a WordPress blog, then you can do it completely and by automatically using just a plugin, which we have learned in this blog post today. That plugin's name is WP Smush WordPress Plugin.

How to reduce the size of images in WP Smush WordPress Plugin?

Improve the loading time of your blog's images

 Improve the loading time of your blog's images

So let us know how to reduce the size of your blog's images with this plugin. This whole procedure is explained below by step by step:

   1. First of all, install WP Plugin in WordPress's official directory and install this plugin in your WordPress blog or website.
   2. When you install, you completed half of your blog's loading time, because by default automatic smushing is done when you activate the plugin. WP Smush plugin automatically compresses your images but also keeps in mind that the quality of your images is also maintained. This is called smushing itself.
   3. Now whenever you upload images from any of the WordPress blog post or page or direct media page, it will automatically smash the size of your images i.e. We have also illustrated this in a screenshot below.

   4. Now if you have just installed the WP Smush Plugin on your blog and then many blogs in your blog will be such that the size will need to be reduced. So let's know how he can do it.

Improve the loading time of your blog

   5. Simply, you have to click on the button of Bulk Smush Now, going to the setting of your WP Smush Plugin as you can see in the screenshot shown above.


So in this way WP Smush Plugin greatly reduces the size of your blog's images and improves the load time of your blog. Which lets you take another step directly towards your blog's great SEO.

If you have any questions, please share with us the comments. Thank you for reading this blog post. Hope you find this information beneficial. If so, please share it and do not forget to subscribe to us.

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