How to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook ?

Blocking by a friend on Facebook can be a frustrating experience, and for many, it may be astonishing that when this happens, the social network does not tell you about it.

When some of your friends block you on Facebook, this can not be noticed for many days or perhaps anytime.

How to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook ?

This is the reason that by reading today's post, you will be able to check whether someone has blocked you on Facebook or not.

If you believe that someone has blocked you on Facebook, there are four common signs to check this.
  • You will no longer be able to see their posts in their Facebook feeds.
  • They will not see you in Facebook Search.
  • You can not send messages directly to them through Facebook Messenger.
  • They will not appear in your Facebook Friends list.
When you get this above four indications, you can understand that the friend has blocked you. But there are some ways to test thoroughly to confirm that this is given below.

How to find a friend's post in your Facebook feed

Many people are suspicious of being blocked by a friend on Facebook when they have not seen their post in their feed for some time.

It is important that when this happens then this conclusion should not be reached because the posts can often be hidden by Facebook's algorithms, which are notorious for showing you some content of the account. Along with this, you can also be placed in the restructured list.

So to ensure that algorithms or block missions are responsible for the post, follow these steps-

Log in to Facebook. Then on the Facebook website or app, click on the search bar at the top of the screen and type your friend's name.

When their names appear in search results, click on them.

Now you should see their profile photo and all their recent posts appear on one page.

If your friend's name is not coming in search, then it may be an indication that they have blocked you.

While searching, it is important to make sure that not only are you spelling the name of their name but you are also using that name which they have chosen to use for their Facebook account.

For those trying to find friends, this can be frustration, but the fact is that some Facebook users choose their initial or even their surname for the Facebook profile. This means that they will not see their account when searching with their real name.

Along with that you can also search by their e-mail address, although this will require you to know the email address used to create their Facebook account.

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