What is Alexa? This is Amazon's Virtual Voice Assistant!

What is Alexa?:

Alexa is a digital voice assistant of Amazon. It can be used on smartphone and Amazon eco products.

There are a few reasons behind giving this voice command to "Alexa". First of all, the name "Alexa" came from the Library of Alexandria, which tried to collect all the knowledge of the world. Amazon is trying to do the same. Alexa is always learning but, in theory, it should be an endless source of information.
What is Alexa? This is Amazon's Virtual Voice Assistant!

More practically, this service was named Alexa because it contains an unusual "X" sound. Since this service is voice-activated, Amazon wanted to choose a name that would not be confused with other words and that could accidentally wake the device.

Amazon's voice assistant is the voice of a woman who talks with you in a conversation, which is ready to help you interact with many things.

It has been integrated into many products of the company and is starting to find its way in third party tools such as GE lamps and Sonos One speaker.

Alexa can do various simple tasks like running a music, but it can also be used to control smart-home gadgets, which gives it the ability to dim the lights, close the door, or adjust the thermostat.

How Alexa Works:

Alexa's technical description is complicated but it can be understood in the following manner.

As soon as you say "Alexa" in front of it, it triggers the beginning of its service. After this, you start (or attempt) it to understand what you are saying.

After this, based on the queries you asked or the conclusion of the given command, Alexa's Alexa sends the recording to the Internet on the cloud-base servers, where the AVS (Alexa Voice Service) is.
Alexa Voice Service then converts your voice signal into a computer language command that can execute a task (such as searching the requested song), or converting computer language back to the sound signal so that the voice accent of Alexa gives you Generally, you can provide information (such as time, trim, and weather).

If your internet connection is working properly and Amazon's back-end service is also working properly, then you can get the answer immediately after your speaking. In many cases Alexa works remarkably well.

On products such as Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, Information Response is only in the form of audio, but to the limited extent on Echo Show and Smartphone, information is provided through audio and / or on-screen display.

Using the Alexa-enabled Amazon device, Alexa can pass commands to other compatible third-party devices as well.

Because to answer questions and to do Task, Cloud-Base Alexa Voice Service is required, which requires internet connection - so you can not interact with Alexa without internet. At this time Alexa App comes in handy.

How do I get Alexa?

There are several ways to get Alexa, but buying an official Alexa speaker from Amazon is the easiest way.

You have a lot of options to choose from - here are some:

Amazon Echo – 8,499/-
Amazon Echo Dot – 3,499/-
Amazon Echo Plus – 14,999/-

Set Up Alexa on Android:

Alexa can be used in conjunction with your smartphone or tablet. To do this, first of all, you need to download and install the Alexa app.

Set Up Alexa on an Echo Device:

If you have an Amazon Echo device to use it, first you have to download and install the Alexa app on a compatible smartphone or tablet, as mentioned, but instead (or besides) it is Amazon Mobile Shopping And / or link to Alexa Reverb apps (s), you go to the Alexa menu's device menu settings and identify your Amazon Echo device.

The app will then be configured with your echo device.

Although you need to initially configure your smartphone with your echo device, once you do this, you do not need to keep your smartphone running - you can communicate with echo device directly using Alexa Are there.

You may need to use your smartphone to activate or change some advanced settings or to enable new Alexa Skills.

On the other hand, if you are away from home, you will only need your smartphone for the Alexa function.

Alexa's Wake Word:

Once you have configured Alexa on a smartphone or echo device, then it is able to answer voice commands or questions using that device.

But you have to say "Alexa" before asking any questions or giving voice commands. Because this word awakens Alexa.

How you can use Alexa

Amazon works as your personal voice assistant to access Alexa Information and control compatable divisions.

Alexa can answer questions, you can tell traffic or weather information, give news reports, start a phone call, play music, manage your grocery list, from Amazon Can purchase items, and on Echo Show, images can also display and play video. However, you can take advantage of Alexa Skills to increase Alexa's reach further.

Alexa now has the ability to set up a "routine" with you, where you set the same command - say "Alexa, good night," after which it closes the lights, locks your front door, Sets an alarm for a specific time.

Amazon Alexa Music:

You can also command Alexa to play Music.

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