How to prevent Google from tracking your location (really)

Prevent Google from tracking your location (really).

When you use the map app to find your way, or if you want to check in on a location on Facebook so that you can tell your friends; So location tracking looks useful. But apps and services can keep track of each of your steps, and this can be a serious privacy problem.

And it also affects your phone's battery life. If you do not want companies to track you, then read this article and disable location tracking on your device when you do not need it.

Google does not prevent you from tracking even when you turn off Location History You can change another account setting to prevent tracking.

Stop Location History on PC:

You do not know it but Google tracks your location history until you disable it yourself. This data is collected using your Google Map. You can disable it, and even manually delete some locations from your location history. Such-

Go to Google's settings page.

Then select the Activity controls option on the left side sidebar.

In the first option, you will see the Web & App Activity first option. Just tap the toggle button to disable it.


Turn Off Location History on Android:

Turn off this Location History on your Android device.

The easiest way to do this is actually on your PC, as explained above. But assuming that you are reading it on the phone and want to disable it from your Android, then here's how you do it.

First of all, go to the settings menu of your phone, then find out where this information is listed on your Google Account.

Tap on your Google Account. Below it will have info, security & personalization written.


Tap on the Data & Personalization tab at the bottom.

Now Tap on Location History.

To turn off your Location History, turn off the Use Location History option.

Now just tap OK for its conformation.
Bus! Now Google will stop tracking your location history.

Delete Location History:

Delete your Location History (optional)

With that step above you can ask Google to not store your location history. But what about the location history that Google has already stored about you?

If you want to go one step further, and also want to delete this data, then follow this step-

Go to Settings -> Google -> Google Account

Tap the Manage Timeline button below the Data & Personalization -> Location History screen.

Now tap on the three vertical dot menu above and open Settings.

Scroll down and tap Delete all location history.

Location history does not prevent Google from tracking you, because Google uses several ways to track you. Other apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile signal towers are used to find out where you are. This way, Google Maps can be accurate in giving directions based on your location. Despite turning off Location History on a mobile device, these additional tracking methods may be used to review the places you visit.

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