Why are web browsers free? So how do they earn money?

Why are web browsers free? So how do they earn money?

When most people think of the Internet, they usually spend some time thinking about using specific browsers to view websites of their choice. Most people have used different browsers from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome, and unlike most of the services received from the Internet, browsers - are actually a tool to use the internet that is completely free.
Why are web browsers free? So how do they earn money? When most people think of the Internet, they usually spend some time thinking about using

You may know that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to make your browser user-friendly, fast, and always providing updates, but still, they give you free! What's this for?

Why would anyone spend so much money on research and development and then spend extra money on the marketing of that product, while never selling this product?

Someone might think that this would be an aspect of the Internet for which money will be spent, but it is not so. So the question arises, how do internet browsers earn money?

Today in this article we will know how these browsers actually make their money.

From Royalty:

In most unknown and unknown features, the default search engine is always Google on most browsers. Most people use Google to interrogate their internet, but have anyone ever wondered "Why is it always Google?" While other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! Let's give the search result in the same way.

Why is Google always default? The reason for this is that Google is known as search royalties. This means that Google gives enough money to keep browser companies in the default search engine Google in their browsers.

The financial statement audited for Mozilla's manufacturer of Firefox, 2010 states that he was paid $ 1,21,109 in royalties, of which Google was the biggest shareholder.

Why are web browsers free? So how do they earn money?

Access to the Market:

From a business perspective, the primary purpose of providing a free browser client for customers is to enter the market. Access to the market is a measure for the sale of a product or service compared to the total theoretical market of that product or service. This means that every person who uses that browser is a market for a different product that can be provided or offered to the customer. In Google's case, this is their biggest concern because they offer many different products that have many things like Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Plus and Android software.

Some of these services can be taken for free, but for other premium versions or for the program the money is spent, and with the integration between all Google products and services, it uses Chrome to use more and more Does.

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Indirect Revenue & Trade:

In a company like Microsoft, who see revenues, they do not see their browser different because it is considered with a total package of Windows OS. Microsoft was the first of three major browser companies to keep the browser for free. This was the time when Netscape Navigator was the major browser and was charging five dollars of a copy of its software.

The rumor is that Bill Gates feared that computing would be 100% internet-based, so he decided to develop a browser that would be free and embedded in every computer running Windows software. While the value of Internet Explorer has not been certified by Microsoft, its internal value is very high because it is packed in all computers running Windows computers.

Companies have been using Internet Explorer since the 1990's, and in some cases, there are programs that only work with it. Many of the Indian government sites also work properly on this browser.

Bottom line:

The idea of internet browsers started as a payment for the useful product, but with the rise of computer and software availability, the open source browser has made it so that users do not have to pay again for the browsers. In such a way, there is no real way to get direct revenue from internet browsers, so companies aiming at these browsers have the purpose of finding ways to attract existing users of their browser to their other offers.

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